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Point Walter Mini Golf Construction Works Commencing Tuesday 21st January 2020

We are excited to announce that, from the 21st January 2020, construction will commence on a major mini golf development. The goal is to transform Point Walter Golf Course into a destination venue for families and fun, whilst preserving the existing traditional nine-hole course.  
The mini golf course has been designed using local water sensitive planting and an approach sought to preserve remnant trees, maximise biodiversity and habitat creation. Artful use of stone, water and other natural design elements will produce a relaxed atmosphere and the garden like surrounds will add to the fun and challenge of the game itself.

Point Walter Mini Golf – FAQ

When will the mini golf course be open to the public?

It is expected the course will open in May 2020.

Will any trees be removed during construction?

The preservation of healthy native trees is a key priority in the design of the mini golf course. This is both to maintain native mature trees for habitat and landscape character, but also for the important amenity they will provide customers in the form of shade. 

Overall, the project will result in a net gain of 53 native trees on the site.

Has the course been design to allow universal access?

Yes, 9 or the 18 holes will be accessible to customers in wheelchairs.

Will access to the existing 9 hole course be interrupted during construction?

During the initial stages of construction, the main entrance path to the club house will remain open. During the later stages of construction, the main entrance path will need to be temporally closed.  At this point a temporary path way will be created to provide access to the club house. The existing 9 hole golf course will remain opening at all times.

Will a BBQ at Point Walter Golf Course be available during construction?

The existing BBQ has been removed. Point Walter Golf Course management will replace this BBQ with a 4 burner BBQ.  Should you wish to book this BBQ please contact Point Walter Golf Course on 9330 3262.

Additionally, the Point Walter reserve contains the following BBQ’s which are available for public access: 

Playground – 2 x doubles
CafĂ© – 1 x double
Boat ramp foreshore – 1 x double, 1 x single

Will any extra parking be constructed?

No.  During the planning phase of the mini golf project Riley Consulting were engage to prepare a Traffic Statement.  This report reviewed the existing car park and determined that there is currently a sufficient number of car bays available to meet the anticipated increase in customers.

If you have any queries, please contact our team on (08) 9330 3262.


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