Course Maintenance - 11th & 12th March 2019

15 February, 2019

Course Maintenance - 11th & 12th March 2019

Please be aware we will be closed the mornings of the 11th & 12th March for course renovations…

I have planned our first Renovation of the year starting maintenance day Monday the 11th of March 2019. The fairways will be Hollow Tine Cored and top-dressed with 10mm of sand, and the greens will be Hollow Tine Cored and top-dressed with sand. In addition to the usual maintenance crew there will also be contractors onsite carrying out these works

As was planned with the previous greens renovation, weather permitting we will carry out coring/top-dressing of 5 greens on Monday and then 5 greens on Tuesday, with the 5 greens completely finished and playable by 12pm each day.

Due to the scope and nature of these works we request that the course be closed on Monday the 11th of March (Maintenance day anyway) until 12pm and Tuesday 12 March until 12pm. Please also note as the scale of the Fairway works is large the contractors may require to continue works after 12pm both days and possibly Wednesday to complete the top-dressing with the course open.

As there may still be a heavy vehicles and contractor staff presence on the course after 12pm, please advise golfers that ground-staff have right of way at all times and that their patience and understanding during these works is much appreciated.


James Dwyer
Point Walter Precinct Superintendent
Mobile: 0402 430 468

Thank you for your co-operation

Clarke Osborne
Point Walter Golf Course